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Purity Ring - OBEDEAR

I came down over

The sleepy mountains where

Our wide toes plunged into

The weeping shale to tear our

Skin up off from the bottom

Leaves our ankles bare

Don’t just wander back and forth

And leave it

Build it into pinnacles and shrines of some

Some ghastly predicament of mine you’ll find

Leaves us plastered

To a bed of hairs with

Me all coiled up near the bottom

With my chest unbeared

Oh but dear the sky is low

Gather up it’s harm

In gauze with grateful arms

Oh but dear the sky is low watch

Fluent sea men rig their rudders so they’ll

Graze it with their wind arrows

Tis in the fathoms that

They brush below

That we lie with our eyes and sides in tow tis

In this warm and monious water that I

Flow and grow and sow

I’m hear the birds wings squeak

Salt salt salt and lemons drop

From the spaces in their flings

Oh my dreams come back to me

Oh my wrinkles build on me

I’m in a ship that is not mine, for mine was left behind because I am being very nice and cooperating in this mock-investigation. These people are empty, they respond to nothing. I’m going to be taken back to Nar Shaddaa and they’re going to ask me questions that I’ve already answered over, and over, and over.

As if they desire the truth – they don’t. They want me to say something heinous, so that they can kill me as they desire to, and be justified for it.

They do not desire the truth. They want a convenient lie. Essie, it will be asked, did you destroy the buildings on purpose? Is it truth that you wanted to kill Darth Arachis? Her children? Is it true that you made a poor misguided alien do rotten awful things for you, and blame the poor soul for your crimes?

Yes, they want me to say. Yes, I wanted chaos and destruction and ashes raining from the sky. I wanted screams and death and fire. Yes, they listen for. Yes, I want that foul she-demon bloodless and cold and the hellspawn she brought into the galaxy stamped out. Yes, yes, I took Arjayat from their life and made them a ruthless murderer.

As if I am such a polished, ivory innocent soul that if I wanted such lovely dischord, I’d lie about it?

If death and destruction is what I desired, I would revel in it. Ash and smoke and blood and bones, you think I would wring my hands and worry? I’d stand on the tallest tower and shout for all to hear, this sweet and twisting chaos is wrought by my hands alone!

Because I am not nice.

I can be kind. But someone said once, not to mistake their kindness for weakness. For me, it is the same. Do not mistake kindness for weakness, for goodness.

I will disappoint them. I will tell them every truth, sing like a pretty little caged bird for them but the song will grate their ears, they do not want it. This investigation is a charade, I could bare my mind open and give them their truth if they asked. I could invite them into my fortress and let them see every action for themselves.

I could. I could have done more. Done worse. I am the storm that rages and I delight in the furor. I love the despair of my enemies. That I would reign myself in so should be telling.

So, I will smile when they scowl and I will fold my hands when they yell and I will be sweet when they harm me and I will give them the truths they ask for but do not want.

May it be like bitter, unripe fruits in the mouths of my enemies, may it choke those who would reject it.